A VR Game Design & Interaction Design documentation of a project that could’ve been released if the pandemic didn’t happen

Project Overview:

Creating a public facility that motivates commuters to recycle inorganic waste in NYC’s subway system


This article is based on a project about incentivizing people to recycle inorganic waste in NYC’s subway system which I did last semester as a part of New York University’s IDM program under the class Ideation & Prototyping taught by Prof. Benedetta Piantella. The project’s time frame was 5 weeks (November 12-December 10, 2019) and in collaboration with Sai Liu.


Since it was the fourth month in New York by the time I wrote this article, I am still new to the MTA subway system and I am curious to use it as a subject of my research. Based on…

You’re not born too late to explore the Earth, you’re just in time to re-explore the earth in ExplorAR!

Project Overview

ExplorAR is an augmented reality game platform for museums that provides a new experience to learn the world of the past by exploring augmented reality with your phone both inside and outside museums. In this interactive experience, players collect 3D-scanned real-life artifacts such as fossils, sculptures, & paintings. Players will learn how to preserve historical objects by excavating fragments of artifacts from rocks, collaborate by combining fragments of incomplete artifacts, & express their creativity by designing their own virtual gallery.

Background Research



Last summer, I had the chance to intern at Toge Productions, an indie game development studio and game publisher. One of the game developer teams, Mojiken Studio, requested me to test the demo and give feedback on the UX/UI aspect for She and The Light Bearer. I am more than happy to test games that are still in development.


She and The Light Bearer is a point-and-click game developed by Mojiken Studio and published by Toge Productions. …


It was 2:00 AM when I was about to sleep, my phone suddenly rang. It was my mom, asking me for a help in using an application that she wanted to try.

She wanted to try GO-JEK’s GO-BOX, a transport service in Indonesia where you can order a truck to transport items. She wanted to clear out items in the house which were packaged in boxes to be sent to the storage. While I was studying abroad in the US, I had to video call her and help her with the process. …


In this mini case study, I uncovered one cryptic feature that is hidden beneath the depths of Google Drive: getting an embed link of a video on Google Drive. This mini case study was conducted in mid October 2018.

One day, I was updating my portfolio with demo videos of my previous projects. Uploading a video on Youtube will usually take a long time and I have no reason to upload it on Youtube, which is why I made my decision to upload my demo videos on Google Drive instead. …

Title Logo illustrated by Dio Mahesa & Background illustrated by Hendry Roesly


This summer, I had the chance to be a UX/UI Engineer Intern at Toge Productions, an indie game studio & publisher based in Indonesia. Other than consulting & giving feedback on UX/UI to 5 other indie games published under Toge Productions, my main task was helping the Coffee Talk team’s development by improving the user interface, user experience, and general usability of the game.

In this article, I will explain my initial thoughts of the game design, followed by what I completed during my internship, and concludes with what I have learned during my internship.


Coffee Talk is an interactive…

Adlan Arvyanda Ramly

UX/UI Designer | AR/VR Developer | HCI Researcher http://adlanramly.com

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